High potency multivitamins…………. plus Zinc.

  • Fat soluble vitamins A,D,E & K in water soluble forms* – hence greater assurance of absorption.
  • Daily supply of relatively short – lived vitamin K
  • Especially formulated for patients with fat malabsorption eg cystic fibrosis and cholestatic liver disease.
  • Formulated with suggested levels of individual vitamins made by Australian specialists in CF, incl Prof R W Shepherd ex Prof of Paed
    Uni Qld & Head of Gastroenterology, Royal Children’s Hosp Brisbane; currently Prof Paediatrics Washington Uni Medical School St Louis Mo)
  • Convenient single daily dosage, encourages compliance.
  • Capsules for children and adults. {May be opened for ‘sprinkling’ over food}.
  • Economical; cost savings reported by Australian CF centres using VitABDECK ® after switching from ‘poly pharmacy’ vitamin preparations.

Recommended dosage*:

Infants    years     0 – 3 years                      

Open capsule & sprinkle a half a capsule into drink/food.

Children 4 – 10 yrs

1 cap. daily

Children & Adults > 10 yrs.

2 caps. daily

[* Or as recommended/ prescribed by a clinician.]