Inhalation Therapy – How does it work?

All PARI inhalation devices include at least the following components:

  • a compressor: for creating compressed air
  • a nebuliser: this is filled with the inhalation solution and aerosolised by the compressed air

These two parts are connected to each other by the connection tubing, which conveys the compressed air from the compressor to the nebuliser.

The compressed air supplied by the compressor passes through the nebuliser nozzle and creates the aerosol at the nozzle outlet. In the PARI LC SPRINT® Nebuliser, the nozzle attachment is fitted onto the nozzle. The nebuliser creates an aerosol consisting of variously sized droplets depending on the size and configuration of the nozzle attachment shield (these are coloured blue, red and yellow for easier identification).

The aerosol thus created can then be inhaled using the mouthpiece or a mask.

But what about my eFlow® rapid?

The eFlow® rapid delivers medications approved for inhalation deep into the lungs, rapidly and efficiently.

The heart of the patented technology is a perforated steel membrane. The aerosol is generated when the inhalation solution is forced through the perforated steel membrane, which is vibrating gently. (117kHz).