Technipro-PulmoMed Product Range

Below is our product range. We are the exclusive distributors in Australia for PARI, Astra Tech PEP, Sprio PD, VitABDECK multivitamins, and pancreatic enzymes.


Hypertonic Saline Solutions

PARI MucoClear® 6% Hypertonic Saline

Hypertonic saline solution for mucus clearance. 60 ampoules each containing 4mL NaCl (6%) - sterile

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PARI MucoClear® 3% Hypertonic Saline

Hypertonic saline solution for mucus clearance. 60 ampoules each containing 4mL NaCl (3%) - sterile solution

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Spirometry & Peak Flow Meters

Pinnacle Peak Flow Meters

Pinnacle is a peak flow meter which measures the patient's maximum speed of expiration, or peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR or PEF).
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Treatment for the Lower Airways

PARI LC Sprint Family Nebulisers

The Nebulisers of the PARI LC SPRINT® family, equipped with different coloured nozzle attachments creating droplets of different sizes, offer solutions adapted to the individual needs of users according to indication and age group.
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Treatment for the Upper Airways

PARI Sinus

For efficient medication deposition in the nasal cavities. Pulsed aerosol for the nasal cavities. Innovative treatment for acute and chronic sinusitis. Can be used for both upper and lower airways.
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Efficiently loosens bronchial mucus and helps clean the airways

Respiratory device for mobilizing secretions in the lower airways, supporting the cleaning of the airway system and to reduce shortness of breath. The set includes a lanyard and a small carry bag. O-PEP csm_018G5000-PARI-O-PEP-1013x1013px_e5f08bc027 PARI-O-PEP

Product Information

  • Comfortable treatment with oval mouthpiece
  • Alleviates unproductive coughing and shortness of breath
  • Including small bag for hygienic storage and safe transport
  • Dishwasher-safe and autoclavable

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O-PEP PARI O-PEP Cleaning Instructions
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Can be combined with Nebulisers of the PARI LC SPRINT Family and the  PARI LC PLUS Family Nebulisers.
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PARI Boy® SX Compressor

Compressor pump for use with the LC Sprint Nebuliser. Item No.: P85G3016
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Vitamins for Malabsorption


High potency multivitamins............. plus Zinc. Fat soluble vitamins A,D,E & K in water soluble forms*

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Pancreatic Enzymes