PARI eFlow® Rapid

Modern Inhalation – Twice as Fast!

Item No.: P178G1000

Your eFlow®rapid inhalation system is an innovative appliance for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Throughout its development, particular care was taken to consider patients’ needs for efficient, safe, and above all fast inhalation treatment.


With a time saving of more than 50% and its noiseless – thus unobtrusive – operation, the eFlow®rapid can be beneficial to cystic fibrosis patients. With the eFlow®rapid, medications that have been approved for inhalation can be transported deep into the lungs quickly and efficiently. The eFlow®rapid is suitable for all medications that have been approved for use and are available throughout Europe. It also offers worldwide portability and unparalleled hygiene reliability.




  • 2 complete Nebulisers/handsets (incl. 2 x aerosol head)
  • easycare cleaning aid
  • control unit with connection cord,
  • international power adapter with three interchangeable adapters (AUS, UK, USA)
  • carrying case and nebuliser bag
  • rechargable batteries and charger


Technical data

Aerosol characteristics
Total Output Rate: 500 mg/min
MMD (mass median diameter): 4.1 µm
Mass percentage below 5µm: 64%
Measurement with the Malvern Mastersizer X at 23°C, 50% relative humidity, nebulised medium: 0.9% NaCl (5ml), inspiratory flow 20l/min.


Nebuliser principle: Perforated oscillating membrane
Oscillating frequency: 117 kHz
Automatic switch off at end of treatment


Power adapter
Alternating current: 100 – 240V~, 50/60Hz, 2W
Nebuliser weight: ~ 55 g
Overall weight: ~ 300 g
Min. fill volume: 2.0 ml
Max. fill volume: 6.0 ml

Additional Information

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