MucoClear® 3%

Hypertonic saline solution for mucus clearance

60 ampoules each containing 4 ml NaCl (3%) – sterile

Item No.: P77G5003

  • Sterile – 4 ml ready-to-use ampoules
  • Handy – plastic ampoules
  • Free – from preservatives

Hypertonic saline solution for inhalation is a widely used and recognised form of treatment for increasing mobilisation of secretions in the lower respiratory tract. The salt-containing droplets on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract help to loosen mucus. The mucus can then be cleared more easily by coughing. This can afford patients considerable relief. MucoClear 3% can be used with compressor-operated jet nebulisers (e.g. all PARI inhalation devices), ultrasonic nebulisers or membrane nebulisers such as the eFlow®rapid.

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