Nebuisation with PIF Control

You try to inhale – but the mouthpiece is "blocked"!

Has this ever happened to you? You try to inhale – but the mouthpiece is "blocked"! Do you have the feeling that you are not receiving any aerosol? This is not a fault in the nebuliser, it just shows that you have breathed in too quickly.

When you inhale using a nebuliser, it is much more effective to breathe in slowly than quickly, because this allows time for more of the active agent to penetrate deep into the lungs.

In order to provide the patient with information about his inspiratory flow, PARI developed the PIF Control (PIF = Peak Inspiratory Flow), which has been integrated in the following nebuliser:

The PIF Control is a feedback system:

If the inspiratory flow rate rises above 25 l/min, the inspiratory valve all but closes, leaving only a very small opening and so indicating that the patient has breathed in too quickly. In this way, the user learns to breathe slowly and regularly, thereby not only optimising the effect of the medication, but also preventing the small bronchi from collapsing, which is one of the particular dangers of COPD, for example.

If the valve does close, as you will notice due to the increased resistance when you breathe in, briefly stop inhaling, breathe gently for a moment, then start inhaling again, deeply and a little more slowly so that the valve remains open.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Technipro Pulmomed Customer Service by email or by phone: 1800 26 22 13