PARI Filter Set

For use with antibiotics

Item No.: P41G0500

suitable for all PARI nebulisers, includes Mouthpiece (without expiratory valve), Y-Piece and Exhalation Filter, with expiratory valve and eFlow®rapid

  • Prevents inhaled medication reaching ambient air on expiration
  • Absorbs up to 99% of the exhaled antibiotic
  • Indirectly protects those involved in inhalation, e.g. members of the family and nursing staff, from excess aerosol
  • Particularly important for the inhalation of antibiotics, steroids and antimycotics
  • The integrated valve system guarantees efficient inhalation therapy
  • The filter pad is easy to change
PARI Filter Set

The PARI Filter/Valve Set can be combined with the following PARI products:

  • PARI LC® SPRINT Nebuliser family
  • PARI LC BABY Nebuliser
  • PARI LC PLUS® Nebuliser family
  • PARI LC STAR® Nebuliser eFlow®rapid

Great hygiene benefit – the PARI Filter/Valve Set can be:

  • washed in a dishwasher
  • disinfected by boiling
  • chemically disinfected
  • autoclaved


PARI Filter Pads


Pack 30

Pack of 30 filter pads
Item No.: P41F0522P30

Pack 100

Pack of 100 filter pads
Item No.: P41F0522P100